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Policies and Rules

Welcome to the Lewisburg Comic Con Policies and Rules! We hope this event will be full of fun for you and your friends/family, and that you remain safe while creating your memories. With that said, the committee has come up with some policies for the convention.

  1. Upon entering the Lewisburg Comic Con, you will be given a wristband. You must wear your wristband at all times, even while in costume. Children 12 and under are free with a paid adult. Attendees 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult

  2. If your cosplay/costume includes a weapon, it must be a non-functioning weapon made of cardboard, foam, plastic, wood, or similar material. No metal weapons will be permitted. Cosplay arrows must have tips removed and be secured in a quiver. Airsoft weapons must have an orange tip. BB’s and nerf darts are not allowed. Nerf guns are allowed but will be checked upon entering the event. 

  3. Lewisburg Comic Con has a clear NO WEAPONS policy. Even if you have an Ohio Concealed Carry Permit or similar permit, weapons are prohibited.

  4. No drinking on the premises or outside alcohol allowed.

  5. Please remember to be polite. No offensive language, conduct or costumes are permitted. You will be removed from the convention. 

  6. It is possible that there might be an event or guest change. We will make every effort to announce it publicly before-hand.

  7. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, damaged property, or injuries sustained during the convention. 

  8. Additionally, by attending the Lewisburg Comic Con, you accept that you are assuming the risk of contracting COVID-19 by entering the premises and participating in Lewisburg Comic Con activities. You also acknowledge that there is a risk of injury or death from COVID-19, as well as the risk of contracting or transmitting it to others at the Lewisburg Comic Con. 

  9. Open flames are prohibited.

 10.  Smoking (including e-cigarettes and vapes) is prohibited on the premises. 

 11.   No live animals other than service animals are permitted.

 12.  No bicycles, hover boards, scooters or similar modes of transportation are permitted inside the Comic Con venues.

 13.  No possession or use of illegal drugs is permitted on the premises of the Comic Con.

 14.  No retail sales or advertisements for retail sales are permitted on the premises except by approved vendors and except in designated areas.  


*If you need help of any kind, the convention volunteers wearing committee t-shirts and/or special badges will be available to assist and answer questions. 

*Please enjoy the event and stay safe!

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