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Odie the Coyote

Odie the Coyote was created for the Lewisburg Comic Con by Evangeline Flaherty, aka Dragon Tamer 12, in 2021. Odie the Coyote is our mascot and we love to ask our featured artist every year to create new print design featuring Odie in their style. Take a look at our past creations! Past and present prints are for sale at the event!


Our very first Odie the Coyote print was created by Adam Fields of Midnight27 Studios, LLC. Thank you, Adam, for your great artwork!


Our second Odie the Coyote print was beautifully designed by Craig Boldman, also known Archie Comics!



Our third Odie the Coyote print was created by Seven Finn Designs! 

We are so excited and happy to see his version of our mascot!

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