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Saturday, July 20th, 5-6 pm




The judges (3 convention guests) award a score of 0 to 10 for 3 attributes each. These are the attributes:


Originality/Adaptation:  Pick a superhero or anyone from pop culture and go with it! Try to make a costume that the judges haven’t seen before. But you could also impress the judges with a costume that is an absolute replica of whatever you are trying to create. You will have a chance to share what inspired you to create your cosplay, so have fun with it. 


Composition: Is your cosplay store bought, or did you make every little bit of it. The judges want to know if this was a labor of love for you. Don’t be modest, tell the judges how much work you put into it; how many hours you spent creating your cosplay. 


Presentation: The judges and audience want to see you stay in character. Also, put a little pizzazz into your perfomance when you are showing off your creation. Grab the judges and the audience with some humor; everyone loves to laugh. Or if your character is scary, be scary. It’s all up to you, but just remember, it’s a family show.




There are prizes donated by local businesses and certificates suitable for framing for each category, except for Judges Categories (which receive just certificates).  


Prize Categories:

Best in Show 

Best Group

Best Hero

Best Villain

Best Anime

Best Youth 8-17 years old

Best Youth/Kid under 7 years old

Individual Judges Categories (such as Judges Choice) may be established if the number of entrants allows it.  Individual judges category winners are eligible for a certificate. 




1.    There will be a limit of 30 entries. Depending on the number of attendees, the Committee has the discretion to change the limit. A Group performance is considered one entry. Sign up will be on Saturday morning at 11:00 am at the entrance of the Joy and Whimsy Depot. First come first served, so don’t be late!


2.    Cosplay demonstrations on stage should be no more than one to two minutes.  


3.    All contestants under the age of 16 must have the approval of a parent to participate. Contestants must show admission badges at sign-up.


4.    There will be no profanity allowed. Any contestant who violates this rule will be asked to leave and cannot finish the contest. 


5.    Nudity is NOT allowed. Again, this is a family show.


6.    If your cosplay/costume includes a weapon, it must be a non-functioning weapon made of carboard, foam, plastic, wood, or similar material. No metal weapons will be permitted. Airsoft weapons must have an orange tip. BB’s and nerf darts are not allowed. Nerf guns are allowed but will be checked upon entering the event.

Cosplay Contest

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